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Kristi Watts


     I'm a mom of a teenage son who always makes me laugh. I love to cook and eat which places me in a constant state of conflict since I'm always on a diet.


     My favorite place is sitting beach-side with a book that never seems to get read because I'm too mezmorized by the ocean waves and the vastness of the water before me. Chocolate is my go-to and downfall... hence the constant necessity to diet.


     And, my true loves include writing, talking, encouraging and listening.       


     When I was 5 years old I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart.


     While standing at the foot of my mother's bed I said the Prayer of Salvation as I held her hand.  At the time my motive was simple… I didn’t want to go to hell.  It wasn’t until years later that I learned true Christianity was about a relationship with Christ not a ritualistic one.  


     Athough I grew up in a strong Christian home and dedicated my life to serving the Lord through my work in Christian television,  I never really KNEW God as I know Him today.  For too many years my knoweledge of God was seen soley through the lens of scripture. While I had knowledge of God, my depth of Him revolved around just that. Knowledge. 


     Then, something changed. Everything changed.




     When my husband walked out on me and our newborn son and I was a "broken hot-      mess," God unvailed His unconditional LOVE for me.


     When the floor of my career fell out from under me and my finances were in the              gutter, God faithfully PROVIDED for me.


     When I struggled with loneliness, low self-esteem and self-doubt God graciously                COMFORTED me.




     When fellow Christians betrayed me, blamed me, abandoned me, rejected me, used me, and hated me … wounding my heart to the core … God SURROUNDED me, PROTECTED me, GUIDED me, CLEANSED me, ENCOURAGED me …and HEALED me.


     Some Christians will tell you that happiness is superficial and even conditional while JOY is everlasting. True. In fact Happiness IS conditional.


     But check this out!


     Proverbs 16:20 says, “Whosoever TRUSTS in the Lord, HAPPY is he!”


     It doesn’t say, whosoever has the most money or the greatest job or the best whatever happy is he. Happiness is found in the place of TRUSTING in GOD. But here’s the deal, the only way to TRUST GOD is to KNOW God. And the only way to KNOW GOD is to know His WORD, His WAYS and His HEART.


     It’s when we choose to seek Him, while being real with Him that we EXPERIENCE Him! That’s what happened to me. Okay,  here’s the really cool part.


     It’s when we really KNOW God that we know who we are... regardless of our circumstances. When we know who we are and whose we are then nothing anyone does or says or believes about us carries the power to negatively affect us. And THAT is where our HAPPINESS lies!  


     Every day I CHOOSE to trust God! 


     I trust Him in my failures, I trust Him in my shortcomings, and I trust Him in my fears. But even in the midst of it all... 


Because of who HE is… Happy am I!

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