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                Hi! My name is Kristi Watts.


I’m no expert or super human Christian guru with the ability to answer all of life’s questions. Not even close.  I don't have the answers... but I know who does.

               Jesus Christ!

I teach what I know but what I know comes from the Word of God!  My training comes from dealing with crazy people, in a crazy life, giving me a plethora of crazy stories to share.

And some how... in life's most challenging moments...I've learned to laugh.

The Lord has taught me how to have JOY in the midst of it all. And that’s my desire for you!

               JOY that is.   

My hope is that God will use what He’s taught me to ENCOURAGE you, to BLESS you and to LEAD you into an even greater relationship with Him!


   God LOVES you so much!!!        


                So...let the journey begin!


            ~ Kristi Watts ~




How does a person bounce back after being beaten down personally, professionally, and emotionally?

What impact do words, thoughts and beliefs have in determining one's level of happiness?

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