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Fearless Women's Conference

One of the BEST churches out there...Christ Church with Pastors David and Marlinda Ireland are the real deal.

"Transformation" is the only word that describes what the Holy Spirit did in the heart of these women. God is EVERYTHING!

The Panel
Talk Yourself Happy Book

My Book - The Power of Words and the Power of God who will Heal you from the inside, out. "HEART - healing"

My Students #College Professor

Marilyn and Sara Hickey Ministries

Both Marilyn and Sarah excuded genuine love. They were so kind to me I had to hold back tears during our interview. Women with the HEART and LOVE of Jesus for sure!

Daystar Interview

Doing the rounds for my book tour.

Guest appearance on "Julie and Friends"

Waiting to be interviewed on Daystar

"Talk Yourself Happy" Book Tour - Sold out crowd in Philly

Speaking at a Women's Conference about "boob sweat" and hot-flashes!

Speaking in San Francisco

Speaking at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC

Speaking at a Women's Conference

Filming my Talk Yourself Happy Videos (notice my 2 little helpers)


Filming a documentary in Washington DC

TV Hosting duties

Book Recording

In the studio recording the audio version of my book "Talk Yourself Happy"

Writing my 1st book "Talk Yourself Happy" - the writing process was healing

World Changers

You never know someone's back story. These women are amazing!

Movie Mogul Tyler Perry

This was the 2nd time I interviewed media mogul Tyler Perry. He's very kind, very talented and very down to earth.

Prepping for Commerical Shoot
Video shoot for Talk Yourself HAPPY!
Interview w/ Joel Osteen

I finally found someone who smiles more than me. Pastor Joel Osteen

Grammy Award Winner Donnie McClurkin

It was a tough day interviewing Donnie McClurkin's sister Olivia who had stage 4 cancer. Her story about 'Trusting in God' changed my life. Donnie is the real deal. GREAT man of God!

90's Hip Hip Group "Salt-n-Pepa"

NYC interview with Cheryl Wray (A.K.A.) Salt from the group "Salt and Pepa". She's a wonderful woman of God with a heart touching testimony

Dr. Condoleezza Rice

Former Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, 'Condi' as she requested I call her was my all time favorite person I've ever interviewed. Extraordinary woman!

HGTV's Host Justin Cave

HGTV making over my backyard! Once in a livetime experience. HGTV host Justin was a blast. Crazy fun!

"The VIEW" Co-host Sherri Shepherd
Leslie Haskin

Good friend and New York Times best selling author of 'Between Heaven and Ground Zero'. So proud of her!

Music Mogul Kirk Franklin

Music Man and energizer bunny, Kirk Franklin!

Producer Mode
Production Crew "My Team"

Setting up to interview Dr. Condoleezza Rice. By FAR my favorite person to interview ever. She was kind yet held a standard that was exceptional.

Praying early

My sister Mindi and myself praying together... every night

Reporter/ Producer Mode

I wear many hats... producer, writer, host, reporter, task master etc...

Dr. Ian Smith

Good friend and Best Selling author Dr. Ian Smith "Fat Smash Diet"

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